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 Touhoumon World Link is a GBA Rom Hack that is based on Emerald and was created by AichiyaSANAE. It was last updated on??

Touhoumon World Link is a Pokemon GBA Rom Hack by AichiyaSANAE.


All in all, what is Touhoumon at any rate? It is a term used to call a Pokemon hack that contains many supplanted characters. These characters are the charming young ladies we generally see in numerous anime series, contingent upon the creator.

World Link is an adaptation that supplanted 386 in-game Pokemon with 386 Touhou characters. Presently they are called Boneka (in Indonesian, this word signifies “doll”). The remainder contains a similar spot and storyline with Pokemon Emerald, not all that much.

Touhoumon World Link Features

  • Replaced Pokemon with Touhou characters.
  • New moves.
  • New berries.

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