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Shin Pokemon Red & Blue is a GBA Rom Hack that is based on FireRed and was created by jojobear13. It was last updated on June 8, 2021.

NameShin Pokemon Red & Blue


Shin Pokemon Red and Blue is a ROM hack of pokemon red and blue in light of the Pret group’s dismantling. For the most part vanilla hack centers around fixing game motor bugs and oversights from the first game.

Furthermore, coach AI schedules are improved and numerous personal satisfaction enhancements have been added. Consider it what the Nintendo Virtual Console re-arrival of red and blue could have been (in addition to a couple of additional treats).

Shin Pokemon Red & Blue Features

  • Tons of bugs, glitches, and oversights fixed
  • Trainers are made more difficult not by increasing their team levels, but by doing the following:
    • Vastly improving the default ai routines
    • Giving them access to stat experience
    • Giving them above-average random DVs
    • Trainers of a smart-enough trainer class will make use of basic pkmn switching
  • One of OAK’s aides will toggle on/off scaling of trainer rosters to your level (evolving them if applicable)
  • All 151 pkmn are available in one version
    • Though difficult for a select few, each pkmn can be obtained multiple times
    • The uniqueness between red & blue is still preserved in encounter rarity
  • You can play as a boy or a girl
  • You can hunt for shiny pokemon
    • DVs are checked to see if a pokemon would be shiny in the gen 2 games
    • If a pokemon has shiny DVs, then it will play the Reflect animation when entering battle
    • If playing on a super gameboy, shiny pkmn will have a palette swap on the status screen and also change color in battle
  • Minor quality-of-life improvements during battle
    • When a when a box is filled (either via catching or depositing a pokemon), notification text is displayed
    • Exp bar in battle
    • A pkmn plays its cry to signal the last turn of using a trapping move like wrap/clamp/etc
    • The safari zone mechanics run off level instead of speed and safari balls have a boosted catch rate
    • Press Select to play a mon’s cry if it’s already listed as owned in the pokedex
  • Minor quality-of-life improvements outside of battle
    • Softlock Warp: instantly teleport back to your mom’s house if you get stuck (see instructions in detailed changes on the github page)
    • Running Shoes: Hold B to double your speed when walking, surfing, and biking
    • Press SELECT to use HMs based on proper context (must have the right badge and the move on one of your pkmn)
    • Move relearner and deleter
    • Nearly all trainers can be rematched just by talking to them a 2nd time after their most recent defeat
    • Due to on-demand rematches, you could do a pseudo-“new game+” by boxing your pkmn and rematching everyone in order
    • All TMs can be repurchased as they are strategically scattered across all the Kanto pokemarts
    • Hold select and enter the status screen to print a ‘mons stat exp
    • Hold start and enter the status screen to print a ‘mons DVs
    • Slot machine bugs and oversights fixed so now you can actually win big
    • A pokemon having Pay Day will tip you off to the lucky slot machine and when it’s in a special payout mode
    • An NPC will pay COINS for showing him pokemon as an alternative to slots
    • After the elite-4, a new vendor opens up in celadon allowing the purchase of normally unique items
    • After the elite-4, there is an NPC that generates a trainer battle with a randomized 6-pkmn roster
    • There’s a tournament being held in the SS Anne’s kitchen after the elite 4 are beaten
    • CUT not needed to get to Lt. Surge and Erika (a blocking event replaces the Vermilion shrub)
    • Added some special trainer battles as fun little easter eggs
  • Minor learnset changes that make things more convenient while still staying gen-1 legal
    • Stone evolutions regain some level-up moves
    • Yellow-version move lists have been integrated
  • Minimal changes to battle mechanics necessitated by AI improvements
    • Trapping move mechanics nerfed to prevent PP underflow glitch as well as stopping merciless, unwinnable abuse by AI trainers
      • They now end, ending the turn with no further attack, if the target switches pkmn
      • Upon hitting, user’s speed reduced 25% until recalculated through other mechanics

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