Shadow Pokemon in Pokemon GO List

Shadow Pokemon are enigmatic Pokémon that Team GO Rocket Grunts and Leaders abandon after losing a battle. They differ from regular Pokémon by having a burning grandiloquent air, glowing red eyes, and a more menacing expression. Shadow Pokémon can be cured by purifying them with Stardust and Candy to come Purified Pokémon. All captured Shadow Pokémon will have the attack Frustration. This point is only available to Coaches with a position of 8 or advanced.

Obtaining a Shadow Pokemon

To gain Shadow Pokémon, Trainer must master any member of Team GO Rocket( including Grunts, Leaders, or Giovanni) and complete a Deliverance Shadow Pokémon challenge, which is analogous to the perk Challenge in Raid Battles.

When trying to capture Shadow Pokémon, they attack far more constantly than usual, making them extremely delicate to catch. This is where a Nanab Berry can come in handy. likewise, while Shadow Pokémon constantly have a deep orange or indeed red ring( indeed for common, low- position Pokémon), this appears to be deceptive, as the prisoner rate isn’t as low as the prisoner circle implies.
Shiny Shadow Pokémon can be captured after battles with Leaders or Jessie and James.


After landing a Shadow Pokémon, you’ll have the option to purify it using a combination of Stardust and Candy. The cost of evolving a Shadow Pokémon appears to be grounded on Buddy Pokémon walking distance.

Purifying a Shadow Pokémon have the following goods
CP is increased to position 25. still, it’ll remain at that position, If the Shadow Pokémon is powered up once position 25.
quantum of Stardust and Candy needed to Power Up, Evolve or learn a new attack reduced.
Frustration, the Charged Attack, will be replaced by the exclusive Charged Attack called Return.
Individual Values of the Pokémon will all increase by 2.
Purifying a Shadow Pokémon raises the Purifier order’s rank. The dark air of the Pokémon will also change to a bright, luminous air. Purified Pokémon must be traded, whereas Shadow Pokémon can not be traded.

Shadow Bonus

Starting on March 2nd, 2020, Shadow Pokémon received bonus to make them stronger.

  • The attack of Shadow Pokémon is multiplied by 1.2.
  • The defense of Shadow Pokémon is multiplied by 0.833.

Shadow bonus applies to all Gym, Raid, and Trainer Battle. The attack bonus can be stacked with the weather bonus.

The cost of Power Up and the second Charged Attack requires less Stardust and Candy. The multiplier went from 3 to 1.2.

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