PUBG New State MOD APK Download (Unlimited UC, AimBot & Many More)

We have provided some links to Download the PUBG New State MOD APK. In the mod game, you will get many features unlocked compared to the original version. Using this mod, you can have unlimited UC’s, weapon crates, Skins, and a lot more. PUBG New State MOD is compatible with both IOS and Android Devices. You can enjoy the game along with your friends. PUBG New State MOD Apk Download link has been provided at the end of the article.

Using the mod you can unlock the premium features of the PUBG NEW STATE. You can download and install PUBG New State MOD Apk very easily. You can download it for free, all you need to have is just a good internet connection.

What is PUBG New State MOD APK?

PUBG NEW STATE is a kind of upgrade of existing PUBG, with better graphics and controls. Players are eagerly waiting for the Launch of PUBG NEW STATE. The game supports full HD, high-quality graphics as well as great sound. The game is set up in 2051 which simply means it is fully loaded with futuristic weapons and technologies. It has created hype in the market because of its mesmerizing graphics which feel so real. The game is expected to have drones and ballistic missiles which make the game more exciting. Another special feature of PUBG New State MOD Apk is that you can enjoy it for free without paying anything.

The main change in PUBG New State Mod is its setting. The game vehicles you to the not really far off future, unequivocally to the year 2051, with a world practically breakdown, in which different gatherings should fight for resources. This new setting isn’t only huge for the story, yet will moreover impact you clearly on the forefront. PUBG New State MOD Apk Download Link. This infers you’ll have the choice to use a wide scope of state-of-the-art advancements, as quick attack drones, new vehicles, and conservative bars.

How to Download PUBG: New State Apk (Unlimited UC).

Downloading PUBG New State MOD is so simple. If you are not interested in MOD, then you can download the original version from the required store. But if you are willing to download the MOD, then make sure you follow the steps. We have provided some links in the post by which you can download the PUBG NEW STATE MOD APK very easily, without any issue.

By clicking on the link you will be redirected to a page where you can download the PUBG NEW STATE and install it. Once installing is finished, you can play it as a normal game and enjoy it.

What’s New in PUBG New State MOD Apk?

In PUBG New State MOD APK, you can enjoy so many features as compared to the original version. Here, is what you can expect from the PUBG NEW STATE MOD APK.

  • An improved graphic performance as compared to PUBG MOBILE.
  • You can also login with your old ID in PUBG New State MOD( without facing any issue).
  • The server of the game is, in the center of India, it will get a lot more speed than before.
  • The game has been developed by KRAFTON, it doesn’t have any chinese partner.
  • PUBG New State MOD Download APK gives you unlimited UC’s.


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