PUBG New State Guns with Zero Recoil

 PUBG New State is a whole new game developed by Krafton that is now available for pre-registration for both operating systems. The pre-registration of the PUBG NEW STATE has already set a record by having more than 40 Million registration in few months. Back in June, the Indian version of PUBG Mobile, Battleground Mobile India, or BGMI has been released by Krafton.

As per the leaks, the game is set up in a futuristic era of 2051 having advanced weapon technology like drones, bulletproof vehicles, and much more which makes PUBG NEW STATE more exciting. Besides pre-registration, the second phase of the alpha test is also going on. A list of 28 Countries have been made, player residing there can join the alpha test and provide their feedback to Krafton So, that they can improve the game.

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PUBG New State Guns with No Recoil

Recently, Krafton published a video of their official Youtube Channel of PUBG NEW STATE in which the firing of the gun seems to have zero recoils as compared to the PUBG Mobile. If that recoil thing is true then the game will be so exciting to play. On comparing with the PUBG Mobile and BGMI, the game has better graphics, improved weapons mechanics, and one last thing the new TROI map with futuristic vibes. The PUBG NEW STATE aims to provide a kind of real-life feel through the gameplay experience.

The video clip has three guns in action in some sort of a practice area. The guns that are used belong to the assault rifle, light machine gun & submachine gun categories, and their names are written below.

  • The Vector
  • Beryl M762
  • M249

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