PUBG NEW STATE: Drones, Electric Car, Green Flare & Much more

Krafton has officially announced PUBG: New State, a brand new game for both operating systems (OS). However, the Pre-registrations are available on the Google Play Store and App Store. The second phase of the alpha test is going on in some selected Countries.

To be a part of the alpha-test you need to the device must meet the minimum device requirement which is different for both operating devices.

List of Countries for Alpha test of PUBG NEW STATE


Here we gonna talk about, all the new features that may be available in the PUBG NEW STATE. As we know that the beta testing has already begun on Android. Out of which many players are appreciating the game while others are providing their feedback about how they can improve their game.

PUBG New State Official news regarding Launch Date

Electric cars

PUBG NEW STATE will feature modern electric vehicles which is a fast and reliable form of Transportation.

  • Electric cars allow you to move quickly without making any sound.
  • Like in PUBG Mobile you can boost your vehcile speed by using boost similar is the case of Electric cars you can move more quickly with using boost but it will consume more battery.
  • If you are driving in the depletion zone then your the battery of your electric vehcile will exhast quickly.

While in the game don’t forget to use trams, these allow you to move quickly in the safe zone. Players can’t stop tram and change their direction. You can also use the transport device as a cover during the fight with your enemies.

  • You can invite knocked-down enemies to become part of your team. Keep in mind you can only have maximum of 4 players in a team.

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Weapon customization

There are 13 types of weapons available in the game that you can customize. If you buy a bundle of attachments from the store then you can use it on all the weapons. Bundles purchased from the store can be used with any weapon. The attachment that you find during the gameplay will be of a specific weapon, you can’t use it at all the weapons Keep in mind the kit can only be used once.

Game store

As per the sources, during gameplay players can buy various items during the match. A special game store has been set up in the game with an amazing feature of drone delivery. A currency is used to purchase all these items that can be found on the card. Keep in mind that drone delivers your purchases only at a specific location in the map.

Search drones

As the developers said that there will be search drones in the game. Players can use these drones to have a tactical advantage over their enemy in the battle. Keep in mind while flying the drone, you may be vulnerable.

Deployable Shields

This is a new weapon that can help you to survive the battle. You can create a cover for yourself anywhere on the map. Once you installed it, you can’t remove them. You can find them easily on the map just like the other stuff. If you don’t want that you can also buy the shields from the special store with drone delivery.

Green Flare Launcher

Just like in PUBG Mobile, here is also a Launcher that you can use only one at a time. As you use it you will be able to revive a deceased comrade. The best thing about this feature is that you can use this feature at any stage of the game. Note it down, when your teammate will be reborn without any weapons.

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