PUBG New State: Battle Royale Pass information leaked

As the date of the PUBG NEW STATE, release is coming closer the number of leaks, rumors by data miners is also increasing day by day. Recently, a lot of leaks are coming by some popular streamers regarding the Battle Royale Pass and skins.

Here in this article, we have shared some leaked information about the PUBG NEW STATE Battle royale and skins. Make sure you read it till the end.

Sources leaks Royale Pass and other update of PUBG New State before launch

As per developers, PUBG New State is a kind of sequel to the existing PUBG Mobile, where the players will enter a virtual world that is set up in 2051. The theme is known as “PUBG Universe 2051 Collapse“.

As per rumors, the PUBG NEW STATE royale pass will be just like the existing PUBG Mobile. It may be a monthly pass (begins at the start of the month and ends by the last date). Just like in PUBG Mobile, you need to have 100 rp in order to have all the rewards of Battle royale Pass. You can either earn it by playing the game or just by purchasing it from the store.

As per rumours, there are four distinct special characters. The sources assume (May be not be correct) they will also have special abilities to use that on the ground. With the new game there may be new currency i.e NC. You can use NC to buy Battle Royale Pass inthe game.

It has been further known that the Royale Pass missions will be divided into 4 weeks where players have to complete each week’s mission sets to progress to the max Royale Pass reward tier.

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