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Quick Info

Pokemon Wob Version is a GBA Rom Hack that is based on  FireRed and was created by The Igmeister. It was last updated on  November 7, 2018.

NamePokemon Wob Version
Version v1.1
Hack Of FireRed
CreatorThe Igmeister


A small hack called Pokemon Wob Version slaps the faces of all Pokémon haphazardly onto the bodies of Wobbuffets or Wynauts. Additionally, each Pokémon can now utilise Counter and Mirror Coat in place of all but one of its previously learned moves, giving them an advantage over other Pokémon (HMs are also usable).

A Pokémon that evolves immediately picks up the trademark move for that evolution (for example, an Ivynaut learns PoisonPowder at Lv. 16 as well as at Lv. 1). Every ten levels, Pokémon that develop through stone or friendship are taught their signature move.


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