Pokemon Verde Musgo

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NamePokemon Verde Musgo
Creator Purple Brothers (Team Abjope)

Quick Info

Pokemon Verde Musgo is a GBA ROM Hack that is based on FireRed and was created by  Purple Brothers (Team Abjope). It was last updated on May 4, 2021.


Could you at any point envision going through two mainlands and their territories? Go to damages in a Rocket? What about getting to know the city of PRYPIAT and the well-known CHERNOBYL control plant? Battling wrongdoing and the horrendous ILUMINATIS? Strolling across a landmass totally overwhelmed by a criminal association? Meet flighty characters like CAP. BIRTH, ELTON JOHN, HARRY POTER, HERCULES, MESTE YODA, AL CAPONE, THE undead at PET CEMETERY, and so on.?

Pokemon Verde Musgo Features

  • Added New Graphics
  • New Villains To Defeat
  • Shiny Pokemon Events
  • Mega Evolution Available
  • Brand New Story To Follow
  • Random Starter Pokemon’s
  • Emerald Style Battle Towers
  • Updated Pokemon Stats & EVs.
  • 807 Pokemon Are Available
  • 2 Modes, Easy/Difficult -Physical & Special Split Division
  • Brand New Regions. [2 Continents]
  • Battle With Some Famous People.
  • 135 New Pokemon Moves To Learn
  • 2 World Tournaments [Light Platinum Style]

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