Pokemon Ultra Shiny Gold Sigma

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Ultra Shiny Gold Sigma GBA Rom

NamePokemon Ultra Shiny Gold Sigma
CreatorAlex Sanchez

Quick Info

Pokemon Ultra Shiny Gold Sigma is a GBA ROM Hack that is based on FireRed and was created by Alex Sanchez. It was last updated on January 31, 2022.


Pokemon Ultra Shiny Gold Sigma is a new, progressive interpretation of Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal. Notwithstanding Johto and Kanto, the Orange-Alola Islands and Hoenn are likewise present.

Pokemon Ultra Shiny Gold Sigma Features

  • More than 807 Pokemon from Gen 1 to 8, with Alolan forms & Galar Forms
  • Improved graphics
  • Mega Evolution in battle
  • Trade evolutions removed
  • New items like Shiny Charm, Joy Checker, Skill Capsule
  • Miracle Exchange, a simulated wonder-trade system
  • The Battle Frontier facilities are scattered throughout the game
  • EVs and IVs on-screen
  • All Gym Leaders offer rematches in Johto, Kanto, Orange Islands, and Hoenn
  • DNS system- Dawn, Day, Afternoon, Dusk, Night
  • Remastered soundtrack

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Pokemon Ultra Shiny Gold Sigma Download

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