Pokemon Toxic Purple GBA Download

Pokemon Toxic Purple GBA Rom

  • Creator: Astinus
  • Version: Alpha 1
  • Hack of: FireRed
  • Updated: May 29, 2019

Pokemon Toxic Purple GBA Rom is a Pokemon GBA Rom Hack which is developed by Celadonk It is based on Pokemon FireRed and was last updated on May 29, 2019. Here you can find Alpha 1 of the Pokemon Toxic Purple GBA Rom which is absolutely free to download.

Pokémon Toxic Purple GBA ROM is a fan-made ROM hack of Pokémon FireRed. It is a short but sweet game that casts the player as a Team Rocket grunt, tasked with completing various missions for the organization in Lavender Town.

The game features a new storyline, custom sprites, and new music. It is also more challenging than the original Pokémon FireRed, with stronger wild Pokémon and trainers.


“As a player, you’ve just graduated from Team Rocket’s training camp and are now ready to cause some chaos with your Pokémon. The boss assigns you and your partner to a hidden Rocket base in Saffron City, where you’ll receive your first mission: head to Lavender Town. Due to the heightened security, you can’t visit other cities as guards are everywhere.

From here on, you’ll become an integral part of many legendary Team Rocket campaigns: capturing Cubone in Pokémon Tower, and seizing control of Silph Co. and Kanto. Your work won’t be easy, though, as a persistent young trainer named Red, always accompanied by Officer Jenny, consistently thwarts Team Rocket’s plans. To make matters more complex, rumors of Mewtwo’s return circulate.

After three years of dedicated work, Team Rocket is on the brink of collapse. However, just as those three years conclude, you find yourself reviving Team Rocket once more: cutting off Slowpoke tails, taking the director of Radio Tower hostage, jamming radio signals, and searching for your missing boss, Giovanni. The question remains: Can you make the third incarnation of Team Rocket a success?”


  • The sprites in this game are made by the author himself, including overworld.
  • A new story with new plots, new characters, and new access to Johto. You cannot use Jessie or James to play, don’t hope too much about it.
  • There are no Pokemon of Hoenn or Sinnoh, just Kanto and Johto.
  • You have to select a starter for yourself since you are a Grunt.
  • With permission from the author of the Rocket’s Revenge hack, the author of this game doesn’t allow you to be healed by PokeCenters. Instead, you will have more battles when entering any house.
  • You can steal the Pokemon of any trainer after beating them. Remember that if you are full of six Pokemon in your team, you cannot accept the stolen Pokemon anymore. Just once. Keeping your team as small as you can is the best way to do so.
  • No Gym challlenges at all. You have to do many things to get promoted.
  • Many trainers are waiting to battle.

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