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NamePokemon Thunder Emblem
VersionBeta 1

Quick Info

Pokemon Thunder Emblem is a GBA ROM Hack that is based on FireRed and was created by Mitchel1. It was last updated in 2008.


Pokemon Thunder Emblem is one more venture from the creator of two well-known Pokemon Hacks: Pokemon Dark Cry and Pokemon Gengar’s Revenge. He made an honest effort to remap a lot of spots (caves, houses, urban areas), and think a new plot with new characters. In the event that you are not occupied, you can play it for no particular reason.

After you beat Elite Four first time, you want time to unwind and don’t have any desire to battle any longer. However, there is news that Pokemon from Sinnoh Region were found around here. Yet, meanwhile, the three tokens were dynamic, the Fire Emblem the Aura Emblem, and the Thunder Emblem. Along these lines, three Legendaries Entei, Suicune, and Raikou have been stirred. Group Rocket knows this news and attempts to get every one of them. So Professor Oak requests that you stop this and help the Legendaries. You get Pikachu and begin your excursion.

Pokemon Thunder Emblem Features

  • New heroes Ash/Dawn
  • Riding on your Pokemon
  • Fake town’s
  • Fake routes
  • Harder Level than Pokemon Fire Red
  • Interesting Plot
  • New Characters, Rivals, and GYM Leaders
  • Pokemon from Gen IV

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