Pokemon The Last Fire Red GBA ROM Download

Pokemon The Last Fire Red Rom

  • Creator: RomsPrid
  • Version: v4.0.3
  • Hack of: FireRed
  • Updated: February 14, 2021

Pokemon The Last Fire Red is a Pokemon GBA Rom Hack which is developed by RomsPrid. It is based on Pokemon FireRed and was last updated on February 14, 2021. Here you can find Full Release v4.0.3 of the Pokemon The Last Fire Red Rom which is absolutely free to download.

Pokémon The Last Fire Red is a challenging and ambitious ROM hack of Pokémon FireRed with a new story, Pokédex, gym leaders, Elite Four members, features, and difficulty. It is set in the Kanto region many years after the events of Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen, and features a new evil organization, Team Paradox, who are obsessed with changing the past and the future.

The player can obtain Mega Evolutions, Z-Moves, and Dynamaxing by completing certain challenges in the game, and there are a number of new post-game challenges, including a new Elite Four and a new Champion. Overall, Pokémon The Last Fire Red is a well-made and rewarding ROM hack for any Pokémon fan who is looking for a new and challenging experience.


  • Fairy Type
  • Double battles
  • PSS System
  • Physical Special Split
  • Repel System
  • New Overworlds
  • New Trainers
  • New Evolution Methods
  • Level Scaling (Trainer Pokemon levels will be set to the highest in your party)
  • Ash Greninja-z (transforms in battle with his ability)
  • Gen 1 Starters but all Starters in the Game except Gen8
  • Exp Share (a device to enable/disable EXP sharing)
  • High difficulty
  • New Rivals
  • Expanded PC Boxes (up to 24!)
  • Expanded Bag
  • All Moves, Abilities, Items, Item Effects through Gen 7
  • A complete set of move animations
  • Z Moves with Animations
  • Mega Evolution / Primal Reversion / Ultra Burst
  • Ability pop-ups
  • Hidden Abilities
  • Totem Pokémon
  • Item Image on obtain
  • Mega Evolution in Battle
  • Dynamax in Battle
  • Wild double battles
  • Trainers with EVs
  • Class-based Poké Balls
  • Team Magma & Aqua
  • Some New Events
  • Graphics Updated
  • New Spirits
  • Running indoors
  • All Pokemon From Gen 1 to 7
  • Pokes’ IVs
  • Alolan Form
  • Every trainer has improved AI
  • Day/Night/Seasons System
  • DexNav
  • Poke Montures
  • Vastly improved AI system with decision-making skills for all new battle effects
  • Disappearing HP-bars during Attack Animations
  • New Items (Shiny Charm, GEMs, Mega Stones, Z-Crystals, and more)
  • New Evolution Stones (Dawn Stone, Dusk Stone, Shiny Stone, Trade Stone, Ice Stone, Oval Stone)
  • Evolution at night & day and evening (for example Rockruff in the night evolves to Lycanroc Night, and during the day it evolves to Lycanrock Day, or in the evening it evolves to Lycanrock Dusk)





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