Pokemon The Fall of Heroes

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NamePokemon The Fall of Heroes
VersionAlpha 1

Quick Info

Pokemon The Fall of Heroes is a GBA ROM Hack that is based on FireRed and was created by hacanoca. It was last updated on  April 15, 2021.


It has been a long time since the occasions of Pokémon Red Fire and Pokémon Ruby: RED of Paleta Town figured out how to uncover and stop Team Rocket and its insidious plans, staying away from its capture of the Kanto locale. All the while, BRENDAN halted the plans of the Aqua and Magma Teams to keep up with the environmental balance in the Hoenn locale.

after 3 years, GOLD made its excursion through the locales of Kanto and Johto, in which it figured out how to stop the restoration plans of the Rocket Team, accordingly saving harmony in the area.
The endeavors of these three extraordinary legends were everlastingly kept throughout the entire existence of the three locales, permitting partake in a time of quiet and harmony. All of them arrived at the top which Pokémon Trainers desire, becoming good examples for an entirely different age of youngsters all through the world.

[PLAYER] is one of these new mentors, a young fellow from Ciudad Verde who, motivated by the endeavors of this multitude of legends, expects to visit the three districts and defeat his venerated images. Exploiting this brilliant age, he starts his excursion with different opponents, to accomplish his fantasy and produce a legend so great that he tumbles to the foundation to the endeavors of his ancestor legends.

Be that as it may, the world isn’t generally so tranquil as you naturally suspect …
Despite the fact that no more Team Rocket assaults have been located, the police never figured out how to catch their chief Giovanni. In view of previous encounters; that’s what the police dread, inside a brief time frame, this gathering will actually want to recharge itself enough to attempt another development.
Frantic to end what survives from the band and forestall its conceivable rebuilding, the specialists are directing a witch chase in the Kanto district, [PLAYER] will experience different circumstances in their excursion in which the police misuse their power, he should choose to observe the law or supporting residents, choices that can lead him to lose himself.

Pokemon The Fall of Heroes Features

  • Physical / Special System
  • Improved outdoor graphics
  • A large number of Game Freak and Pokémon anime characters
  • Mugshots of the main characters
  • Pokemon Cries like anime
  • New Midis
  • Multiple regions (Although now I have only looked at KANTO, it is something vital that I want to implement in this hack)
  • Measurement of Goodness / Evil within the game (It will affect secondary missions)
  • Gain experience when capturing
  • MO forgettable
  • Repel systems like B/W


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