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Quick Info

Pokemon Terra is a GBA Rom Hack that is based on Emerald and was created by DarkDon43.. It was last updated on  September 19, 2016.

NamePokemon Terra
Hack OfEmerald


You play as Brendan and you branch out to another rendition of the Hoenn locale. While voyaging He figures out that two Evil Teams each with their own objectives have been destroying ruin in the Hoenn locale. At the point when He shows up in Xenta City He is come by the shrewd group Ander and When Brendan learns about the abhorrent groups He embarks to stop them and keep up with harmony in the Hoenn locale. In the wake of going all over Brendan ends up in the new Battle Resort (Not the ORAS one) Which highlights extreme mentors to fight. You can battle the Elite 4 in any request you like and you can meander around assuming you need to.

Pokemon Terra Features

  • Revamped Hoenn
  • Starters are Eevee, Spheal and Larvitar
  • Two Evil teams: Team Ander (Purple) Team Cypher (Green)
  • Harder difficulty
  • Gen 4-5 Pokemon
  • The Mysterious Yiki
  • Two rivals
  • Pikachu is captureable when choosing starter


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