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NamePokemon Team Rocket Edition
VersionCompleted v2

Quick Info

Pokemon Team Rocket Edition is a GBA ROM Hack that is based on FireRed and was created by DragonsdenTV. It was last updated on February 28, 2022.


You start the excursion as one more select in the general central command of Isla Inta, in seven islands, with the motivation behind bit by bit progressing in the association. To do as such, you should effectively finish the tasks allocated to you by your bosses. Your story happens in a similar sequence as the start of Red and Blue’s experience, and in light of the fact that you’ll be moved to Kanto eventually, you’ll have the option to see Red/story Blue’s according to the viewpoint of a colleague.

Group Rocket, and others, see all that was behind it (here, obviously, we go into the issue of theories), endeavoring to make all that happens sanctioned inside the first games, while specific shocks fall. Subsequently, the thought behind this hack is that you, as an irregular rocket select, can make every effort to turn around the exemplary circumstance in which group rocket and Giovanni are obliterated by red, somewhat doing equity by giving him to an antagonist of our capacity as a player, so there will be a conflict among this and the authoritative story (which will be kept up within this hack).

All of this is, regardless of the great extent, a piece of our experience, since we will likewise observe probably the main activities that the group rocket had on the way, with a significant part of the game committed to revealing different secrets that a large number of us could think yet were rarely affirmed.

Pokemon Team Rocket Edition Features

  • Existence Of Generation VI Items.
  • New Move sets From 4th Gen – 7th Gen.
  • Player Can (Run Indoors) System Added.
  • Added 90 Pokemon’s Between Gen 4 –  Gen 7.
  • Forgettable HM’s & Use Infinite TM’s Every time.
  • Ability To EV Train Your Pokemon In Certain Point.
  • Added Physical/Special Division System Like 4th Gen.
  • Pokemon Switch System (YES/NO) Has Been Removed.
  • Pokemon Can Evolve Without Link Cable By Leveling Up.
  • Basic Pokemon Stats Have Been Improved In The Game.
  • New Evolution & Primal Forms According To 7th Generation.

Changelog – V2

  • Added Johto Update!
  • Added Mega Evolution System!
  • The Main Game Story Gets More Darker!
  • New Unique Mega Evolutions, Fakemons & Primal Forms!
  • The Game Exceeds More Than 70 Hours Now!
  • You Can’t Use Heal Items During Battles!
  • New 20-30 Maps In Kanto, Sevii & Some In Johto Too!
  • More Than 800 Trainer Will Battle You Now!
  • Chance Capture Kanto-Johto Pokemons Except Legendary!
  • New Graphical Changes Were Given In The Game!
  • Unlock Pokemon Mutation At Rocket Headquaters!
  • Explore Unown Guradians Caves & Dark Mysteries!
  • Challenge Legendary’s From 1-8 Generations!
  • New Sprites For Fakemon & MissingNO Was Added!
  • And Much More!

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