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Pokemon Sweet Version is a GBA ROM Hack that is based on FireRed and was created by Ephraim225. It was last updated on August 31, 2019.

NamePokemon Sweet Version
Versionv1.0 (Completed)


Welcome to Pokemon Sweet Version, where fights are done with the force of treat! Go through a confectionary wonderland that looks like Kanto however is very unique, as the individuals who investigate will before long find! Catch 151 candified Pokemon and top off the pages of your Cookbook! We’ve gone all out in making the experience novel, which is the reason there is a pristine kind diagram comprising of twelve kinds of frozen yogurt. (Apple is absolutely a kind of frozen yogurt.) And assuming you’re tired of Kanto, you’ll be satisfied to realize this is absolutely not Kanto, regardless of the amount it is by all accounts. As the world is intended to compensate for investigation, there’s a holding up thing in each guide that might not have been there previously, whether it’s a shrewdly covered up thing or an awfully terrible quip. (We have a lot of those.) The PokeSweets themselves are all around as flavorful as they look, and they look adequate to eat!

Pokemon Sweet Version Features

  • 12 new types
  • 151 PokeSweets to capture or craft from berries
  • Kanto has been dessertified
  • Two rivals…okay, three, but the third guy’s lame
  • Two factions looking to steal your sweetrolls
  • New music
  • Re-match gym leaders

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