Pokémon Supernova Sun & Penumbra Moon

Pokémon Supernova Sun and Penumbra Moon are mods for Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Like my Rutile Ruby & Star Sapphire hacks and my Nova Sun & Umbra Moon hacks, their main purpose is to provide a more challenging game experience while not artificially limiting the player. The premier feature of Supernova Sun and Penumbra Moon is the ground-up redesign of Pokémon Trainers in the world to increase the game’s challenge. Every trainer in the game has been edited, and the level curve expects the use of the Experience Share, which means that the player levels up very quickly. Every Pokémon in Trainers’ teams has a proper moveset and many are holding items. The Elite Four and Champion are Level 100, and the player doesn’t need to grind to equal that!

Supernova Sun and Penumbra Moon’s secondary focus is inspired by Super Smash Bros. Melee’s “20XX Hack Pack” which is designed to improve competitive players’ ability to practice and grind. In Supernova Sun and Penumbra Moon’s Legit Build, everything obtainable is 100% legal and legitimate for real online battles or trades. In all Builds, some features are designed to make preparing competitive teams much less of a hassle. Competitive hold items are much more available, a 6IV Ditto is available through an in-game trade (holding a Destiny Knot), Eggs hatch in one cycle, and Level 100 Memento Blissey battles are available in the Battle Buffet once the main story has been beaten.​

These mods are very expansive. In addition to Trainers, Supernova Sun and Penumbra Moon also feature edited:

  • Wild Pokémon availability (in three different ways!)
  • Wild Pokémon hold items
  • Item availability in Poké Marts and from special vendors
  • Evolution methods for Trade Evolutions and “Level up in a specific area/version” Evolutions
  • Level-Up movesets to handle the increased level curve and add access to TM and Tutor moves (details)
  • And much more!

Trainer Changes

  • Harsher Level Curve: The game is balanced around use of the EXP Share, which allows for explosive growth. Disabling the EXP share is not recommended.
  • All-new Trainer teams, designed from the ground up, many featuring six Pokémon!
  • All Captains, Kahunas, and other bosses have six Pokémon!
  • Every fully-evolved non-Legendary Pokémon (and Mega Evolution) will be encountered in a Trainer’s team during the main story!
  • Totems are powered up and pack new strategies!
  • Post-game Memento Blisseys added to Battle Buffet in Hau’oli City!
  • Trainers are capable of EV Training their Pokémon!
  • While grinding is always possible, the curve is such that the player will be approximately even with all enemy levels.
  • The player might become overleveled if they use the Lucky Egg, Pokémon Refresh, and/or the Trade Bonus.

Legit Build

  • All Wild Pokémon are 100% legit for trade and will not appear as “hacked” by any legitimacy testers.
  • Most nocturnal Pokémon are available in the day. The converse is true for diurnal Pokémon.
  • Rare and interesting Pokémon have been moved into more common slots. Fearow, Yungoos, and friends now occupy the rarer encounter chances. The more unique, fun Pokémon like Mimikyu and Stufful are now as common as a Yungoos or Alolan Rattata would have been.
  • This Build is recommended if you’re using the mod to facilitate competitive breeding, Shiny hunting, Pokédex filling, or other such post-game concerns.

Leveled Build

  • Wild Pokémon are the same as in the Legit Build, but are leveled up to keep pace with SnS/PuM’s harsh level curve.
  • It is recommended to use this over the Legit Build for gameplay if you don’t want to use the Expanded Build, since the Legit Build’s Wild Pokémon will be far behind the level curve.
  • Anything caught in the Leveled Build just needs a quick adjustment in PKHeX (edit its Met Level) to become 100% trade-ready.

Expanded Build

  • Wild Pokémon are altered so that every non-Legendary (Tapu/UB/Mythical Pokémon count as Legendary) species is available, at the same level as the Leveled Build. Legendary encounters are not changed in this or any Build. Click here to see where you can catch every Pokémon!
  • This Build is the recommended way to play the ROM hack.
  • The player will have access to 58% of non-Legendary evolution lines on Melemele Island alone. This access expands to 83% after Akala Island, and 98% after Ula’ula Island. Every non-Legendary evolution line is available before the Elite Four!
  • By editing anything caught in the Expanded Build to have come from an Egg (and making sure to obey Poké Ball legality), even Pokémon from this Build can be made legal, though not technically legitimate.
  • All encounter levels are increased to match Supernova Sun & Penumbra Moon’s harsh level curve.
  • This Build also features all of the rarity changes of the Legit Build.

Lite Build

  • No changes to the Wild Encounter tables of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon were made.

Installation Instructions

  • You need a 3DS running Luma3DS CFW. All 3DS models can install CFW using this guide.
  • Update Pokémon Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon to the latest version if you haven’t already done so.
  • Hold SELECT when booting Luma3DS (this is when you turn on the 3DS if you’re using B9S or A9LH)
  • Enable the option “Enable Game Patching” and press START to save. This is a persistent option, you don’t have to do it every time you want to play Nova Sun or Umbra Moon.
  • Download and unzip the 7z folder for the Version and Build you want to play.
  • If your preferred language isn’t English, run the NonEnglish.bat file.
  • Copy and paste the luma folder to the root of your 3DS’s SD card, merging/overwriting if prompted.
  • Boot up your cartridge or eShop copy of Pokémon Sun or Moon and the romhack’s modifications should be present!
  • Back up your game save with JKSM, start a fresh save file, and enjoy the ROM hack!

Drag and Drop Installation

  • If you need to back up your existing eShop install of the game, use threeSD to do so.
  • Right-click Pokémon Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon in the game picker menu. Select “open mods location”.
  • Go up one folder, so that you are in the \Citra\load\mods\ folder.
  • Download and unzip the 7z folder for the Version and Build you want to play.
  • Copy the contents of the \luma\titles\ folder from the ROMhack download (the folder with the long number) into the \citra\load\mods folder.
  • Start Pokémon Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon and it will start as Supernova Sun or Penumbra Moon!

Pokémon Supernova Sun & Penumbra Moon Download

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