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Pokemon Super Gold 97 is a GBA ROM Hack that is based on Crystal and was created by CekuiR. It was last updated on October 2, 2018.


Pokemon Super Gold 97 is a Rom Hack in view of Pokemon Gold.

You are another mentor who sets out on an excursion to assist Professor Oak with exploring Pokemon, especially like the absolute first games. This story is based on the establishment that was pulled from the actual demo and has you cross Nihon, in light of the sum of Japan, while you gather identifications and catch Pokemon. You’ll likewise need to go head to head against Team Rocket, who are building a machine that would give them unimaginable control over Pokemon! Silver is depicted in the way that he was in the demo – not as a main adversary, but rather as a fiery opponent, sort of like gen 4’s Barry. The story is honestly sort of straightforward, yet deliberately so. It was composed to feel like the story that could have been in the demo had it been finished.

Pokemon Super Gold 97 Features

  • Graphics fully pulled from the Spaceworld demo
  • 251 Pokemon, the complete Pokedex as it appeared in the demo
  • New key items that match the story
  • Evolutionary stones that match the Demo (Heart Stone, Poison Stone)
  • Covenant Orb allows for the evolution of Pokemon that would normally require trading
  • 8 badges, Pokemon League, like you would expect
  • A new postgame map is not present in the Spaceworld demo
  • Type chart that matches the beta


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