Pokemon Stranded

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NamePokemon Stranded
Based OnPokemon FireRed
CreatorEntaro Ceraphenine

Quick Info

Pokemon Stranded is a GBA hack that is based on Pokemon Fire and was created by Entaro Ceraphenine. It was last updated on August 24, 2021.

Important Stuff


It was simply one more generally expected day as you took off of your home to get your first Pokemon from Professor Oak and set out on your own personal Pokemon venture. Much to your dismay, it was not a ‘not unexpected’ day by any stretch of the imagination! You find Team Rocket has invaded your town and is attempting to take the Professor’s Pokemon. What’s more, after chancing upon one of the snorts, he utilizes his Drowzee to simply arbitrarily transport you away to an arbitrary island. Not that he really wants to think a lot about what befalls you a while later!

Also, this is the place where the primary plot of the game beginnings. You end up in the ocean side of an uninhabited, anonymous island, and presently your central goal is to return to your home base!

Adventure into the pack of islands you find around you by surfing in the midst of them and progressively finding the dull privileged insights of the islands. Gather snippets of data from various sources and unique piece them together to reveal the dull, grim secrets that stayed concealed inside the islands, concerning which the remainder of the world had never known! Guess a portion of the unexplained secrets and understand the others through signs spread around the island.


Pokemon Stranded takes a different route from a conventional Pokemon game in multiple ways. For starters, there are no Gyms or conventional Pokemon Trainers, no badges, no Pokemon Centers or Marts, and so on. Also, the main story for the game will be fairly short and straightforward but there will be thousands of side stories along the way. Most updates of the game will be about the addition of new side quests.

Pokemon Stranded Features

  • Humanization
  • Pick-a-Route
  • Optional SIdequests
  • Easter Eggs
  • Adventure Mode
  • EasyNav Device
  • Craftwood
  • Leon and UltimaSoul’s FireRed Base features

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Entaro Ceraphenine

Source: PokeCommunity

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