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Pokemon Sors GBA Rom

  • Creator: Vytron
  • Version: Full Release v1.3
  • Hack of: FireRed
  • Updated: December 25, 2021

Pokemon Sors is a Pokemon GBA Rom Hack which is developed by Vytron. It is based on Pokemon FireRed and was last updated on September 25, 2019. Here you can find Full Release v1.3 of the Pokemon Sors GBA Rom which is absolutely free to download.

Pokémon Sors GBA Rom is a challenging and ambitious ROM hack of Pokémon Emerald. It features a new region, story, Pokédex, gym leaders, and Elite Four members, as well as a more challenging difficulty. The game is sure to please fans of the series who are looking for a new and exciting challenge.

Please note that ROM hacks are not officially supported by Nintendo, and may contain bugs or glitches.


A monumental Lunar Eclipse unfolded in the Hupest region three centuries ago, followed by a complete Solar Eclipse. However, this celestial event was far from ordinary. Pokémon underwent remarkable changes in color, type, and behavior, plunging the world into chaos.

This occurrence etched its mark in Hupest’s history as the Grand Eclipse, a haunting memory that people feared might repeat itself. Centuries later, an organization embarked on a scientific endeavor aimed at unlocking new potential within Pokémon. This endeavor was named the Eclipse Project. Its objective was to uncover evidence of the Grand Eclipse’s existence and artificially induce Pokémon to attain the state they exhibited 300 years ago. The project succeeded, leading to the creation of Pokémon known as Solar Forms and Lunar Forms.

Amidst all of this, a child named Asher was born. Around Asher’s fifth birthday, his parents decided to part ways. Jackson, Asher’s father, was apprehensive about the project and sought to halt it. Asher’s mother, however, was determined to see it through to completion.

Jackson could not simply leave Asher in the hands of Siara, his mother, fearing the risks involved. While monitoring Siara’s activities from the shadows, he worked relentlessly to shield Asher from any potential harm.

Eleven years later, Asher embarks on his Pokémon journey and joins the Eclipse Tournament in Hupest, unaware of the impending events Siara is about to set in motion, forever altering the region and his life.

The game follows Asher’s quest to become the best trainer, which eventually intertwines with Siara’s ambitions as she seeks to restore order to the chaos that ensues.


  • A new region to discover, Hupest!
  • A Custom soundtrack (tracks from various, media remixed with my own style with a B2&W2 Soundfont)
  • A BW/HGSS inspired art design
  • Updated battle mechanics to Generation 7 (Moves, Pokemon, PSS split etc.)
  • (Almost)Full National Dex until Gen 7 (758 species plus 48 Eclipse Pokemon)
  • A new battle mechanic, Eclipsing
  • Side Quests (With an actual Quest Log)
  • Day/Night System and possible D&N events

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