Pokemon Sky Twilight Download

Pokemon Sky Twilight GBA Rom

  • Creator: *Luxio//Hacks*
  • Version: Beta 3.0
  • Hack of: FireRed
  • Updated: June 17, 2018

Pokemon Sky Twilight is a Pokemon GBA Rom Hack which is developed by Luxio//Hacks It is based on Pokemon FireRed and was last updated on June 17, 2018. Here you can find Beta 3.0 of the Pokemon Sky Twilight GBA Rom which is absolutely free to download.

Pokémon Sky Twilight is a challenging ROM hack of Pokémon FireRed that features a new region called the Sky Region, over 400 Pokémon to catch and train, new gym leaders and Elite Four members, new challenges and puzzles, new features, and a more challenging difficulty. Players will explore a new region above the Kanto Region, encounter new Pokémon, and face new challenges.


The Crocus Region stands out as one of the most renowned regions in the Pokémon world, renowned for its wide array of Pokémon species. However, amidst the diverse Pokémon population, a rare and coveted creature, Noivern, has fallen into the clutches of a notorious group known as Team Voltage. This nefarious organization specializes in the abduction of exceptionally rare Pokémon, employing them for illicit activities, including criminal enterprises. Their sinister ambitions also extend to siphoning energy in pursuit of forcing Pokémon to undergo Mega Evolution.

Within this vibrant region, there resides an individual in a quaint locale called Begonia Village, someone with a fervent desire to embark on a Pokémon journey and realize their potential as a Trainer. Their aspirations include capturing new Pokémon, engaging in battles with fellow Trainers, obtaining Gym Badges, and ultimately conquering the Elite Four. That someone is you. You are the protagonist, the one destined to confront Team Voltage and unravel the enigmatic secrets of the Crocus Region. Above all, you are the hero in this unfolding tale.


  • Gen 4-7 Pokemon
  • Gen 4-6 Moves and Abilities
  • Mega Evolution
  • Capture EXP system
  • Reusable TMs
  • Poison Survival
  • Decapitalisation
  • Updated Sprites
  • A new region called the Sky Region is located above the Kanto Region.
  • A new Pokédex with over 400 Pokémon, including Pokémon from later generations.
  • New gym leaders and Elite Four members.
  • New challenges and puzzles.
  • New features, such as Mega Evolutions and Z-Moves.
  • A more challenging difficulty.

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