Pokemon Sinnoh Quest

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NamePokemon Sinnoh Quest
VersionUpdate 2

Quick Info

Pokemon Prism is a GBA ROM Hack that is based on Ruby and was created by Rokrdude. It was last updated in 2015.


You are a little youngster/young lady who has a major long for turning into a Pokemon mentor. At some point, you are permitted to escape your home, go to meet your neighbor – a Pokemon Professor – and get your absolute initial starter. Starting here, you formally start your Pokemon venture. On your way, there will be a large number and occasions. Could you at any point defeat the snags as a whole? Might you at any point overcome the Elite Four to turn into the Pokemon Champion?

Pokemon Sinnoh Quest Features

  • Meet all 385 Pokemon throughout the Sinnoh Region. All from Sinnoh and 85% from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn with all Legendaries and 12 starters available.
  • You need to complete many events before battling the Elite Four.
  • A new re-designed Safari Zone.
  • There are many quiz masters who will give you a reward if you answer their questions correctly.
  • A new challenge about Gym Leaders and Elite Four with their new movesets.
  • Pokemon can only be evolved in three different ways: level up, stone, Attack-Defense base.

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