Pokemon Sienna

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NamePokemon Sienna
VersionBeta 4.1
CreatorManipulation, Chibi Robo

Quick Info

Pokemon Sienna is a GBA ROM Hack that is based on FireRed and was created by Manipulation, Chibi Robo. It was last updated, on June 17, 2018.


The day has at last come, the day for your period to start. Following quite a while of pausing, you know about an opening at the Indigo Plateau mentor school in Kanto. Subsequent to shipping of your letter, your CV is dismissed. Generally in light of your absence of involvement; in any case, your option is to go out on your own excursion. Testing the rec centers, lastly the level, in Kanto, ought to be no issue. In any case, the district is being upset by the up-ascending of a secretive group. This ‘group’ has been circumventing the area and causing destruction, taking Pokemon and robbing shops. Will you converge in with the gathering, let them be, or will you stop them on your excursion? It’s everything depends on you!

Pokemon Sienna Features

  • New region- Voultan
  • Decision-based storyline
  • New tiles
  • New Pokemon
  • Moves from Gen 4 onwards
  • Travel between different regions
  • New music

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