Pokemon Shrouded Chaos

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Quick Info

Pokemon Shrouded Chaos is a GBA ROM Hack that is based on FireRed and was created by  itman1234. It was last updated ??

NamePokemon Shrouded Chaos


Don’t have the foggiest idea why yet in your locale, Mewtwo is so awful and attempts to kill individuals. Also, you are one individual on his kill list. Yet, the Pokemon Professors give them an apparatus called a rest module to stop him. After this occasion, you see an unusual man following you. You attempt to get him yet he is so quick and getaways. Later you figure out that he is extricating Pokemon DNA and placing them into others, winding up in a twisted or stirred-up Pokemon. You understand you should stop him right away. What he is doing is so hazardous. You additionally should observe the response to why Mewtwo turns out to be so horrendous.

Pokemon Shrouded Chaos Features

  • New Scripts
  • New Gameplay
  • Your Pokemon Starter is TEDDIURSA
  • New Tiles and Sprites

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Pokemon Shrouded Chaos Download

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