Pokemon Shattered Dreams

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Quick Info

Pokemon Scorching Scarlet is a GBA Rom Hack that is based on FireRed and was created by Quilava’s Master. It was last updated on March 8, 2017.

NamePokemon Scorching Scarlet
Version Beta (Discontinued)
CreatorQuilava’s Master


a long time back, a gathering known as Team Rocket, unleashed ruin in the Kanto district. The objective of this association was clear: rule the world with strong Pokemon close by. Utilizing his numerous assets, Team Rocket’s chief, Giovanni, obtained the strong Pokemon Mewtwo. Luckily before they could institute their insidious plot, Team Rocket was thwarted by a youthful Trainer named Red. Giovanni was ultimately caught and Mewtwo was taken from him. To guarantee that Team Rocket’s arrangement could never happen as expected Mewtwo’s power was caught and locked away in the unbelievable Jirachi, who fell into a timeless sleep thus. Worth it for harmony.

-Three Years Later-

You are a young man/young lady matured 17 living in the lavish Zinnos Region. You and your closest companion, Conan/Claire [changes with gender], are given a Pokemon by Professor Oak from Kanto. As a component of the trial you need to record the progressions a non-local Pokemon encounters in another district.

After a short educational experience with a grandiose rec center pioneer, Eris, you and your closest companion choose to prepare and discredit Eris’ hypothesis that both of you won’t ever be more than unremarkable Trainers. On this excursion you meet a presumptuous Pokemon tracker and uncover Team Rocket’s plot to catch Jirachi and discharge Mewtwo’s power. Be that as it may, why has Team Rocket returned, and why in Zinnos? Also, how in all actuality does Team Rocket’s assault on Johto harmonize with their Zinnotian assault? Find out in Pokemon Shattered Dreams!

Pokemon Shattered Dreams Features

  • Day, night and seasons
  • Swarms & Roaming Legendaries
  • Time-based events
  • New battle backgrounds
  • Updated Pokemon sprites & movesets
  • De-Capitalized
  • New Items & TM’s
  • Trainer Rematches
  • FireRed tiles mixed with Emerald ones
  • Sidequests
  • Realistic Weather Generator
  • Special/Physical Split


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