Pokemon Sea Temple

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Quick Info

Pokemon Sea Temple is a GBA Rom Hack that is based on FireRed and was created by LatiosAzurill. It was last updated on July 6, 2018.

NamePokemon Sea Temple
CreatorLance Koijer


a long time back, a world-breaking record of the Legendaries’ fight occurred in the tranquil district of GINOA. A 10-year-old kid fixed himself alongside the fiasco threesome in an obscure aspect to save the whole Pokemon World. There is no known data on what befell the youngster, yet one thing is without a doubt he is presently a Legend.

It is at last the day to get your most memorable Pokemon! Prof. Jimwell Beckett, a notable Pokemon Researcher, is going to give you and your cherished companions, Wilhelm and Hazel, a Pokemon from the Kalos Region.

In any case, a recently shaped group is beginning to carry out malicious things in the district, they named themselves as “Sun powered Team”, the bursting mentors in a hood. They will probably isolate Pokemon from its power, turning all Pokemon to ordinary, since they accept that coaches are abusing the power that has given by the maker to their Pokemon. At the point when Solar Eclipse happens, the Sun God will be stirred, and controlling it is the best way to satisfy their objectives. Yet, that is supportive of now.

Aside of the Solar Team, an old posse has been renewed and is currently driven by a person named CLINT. It was uncovered that he is the dad of the 10-year-old person. The pack is LUNAR TEAM. Their points are to gather the Ancient Orbs and use it to stir the full force of the amazing Moon God, Mnemon. Arousing it will carry Lunar Eclipse to the Pokemon World.

Months after the fact, Solar Eclipse will be seen. Assuming the plans of Solar Team and Lunar Team, the disarray that happened quite a while back will reoccur, however this time, it will be more damaging. Might it be said that you are sufficiently able to battle and stop the groups?

Pokemon Sea Temple Features

  • New story
  • New characters
  • New regions- West Ginoa, East Ginoa and the two others
  • Pokemon from Gen 1-7 + new Pokemon from GINOA REGION
  • Almost all newer gen moves
  • Newer gen abilities (Soul-Heart, Innards Out, Receiver, Normalize, etc.)
  • Mega Evolution
  • Z-moves (kind of)
  • Fairy type and Mana Type
  • New Evolution methods


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