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Pokemon Sage is a GBA Rom Hack that is based on FireRed and was created by /vp/. It was last updated in 2017.

NamePokemon Sage
VersionDemo 2.0.6

Pokemon Sage is an amazing Pokemon game on PC for Windows. We should go to the Urobos Region, a long ways off locale to some place side of this Earth. How to do that? By playing Pokemon Sage, obviously!

Pokemon Sage lives in the made up universe of Urobos. Urobos, in the same way as other different areas in the authority Pokemon books, depends on genuine occasions in the district: Central and South America. I found the fight among great and malicious in view of the occupants of this area in history as the Aztec domain and the Spanish conquistadores. In spite of their lovely warmth, the city where the player will start uhi’ia. Sofia’s dew player Simon conduct to concentrate on the foe, and the foe fell all the more unpleasant London is starting a kinship foe. Northington was fixated on Quetzar’s extraordinary force of Naam, which converted into progress for Aboriginal individuals previously. Figure out how to begin searching for himself and awakening him at any expense – yet it is the presumption and mana’o’lunu of individuals like you who quetzar to seal and the amazing City of Gold in any case. He later got Quetzar and dealt with the way to him, yet it was the fury of individuals, not his gift, that made him discharge his fury.

Pokemon Sage Features

  • New big region called Urobos with many unexpected things.
  • New Fakemon available for more complex strategies.
  • New rivals and gyms to battle.


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