Pokemon Ruby Renev [Download]

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Ruby Renev GBA Rom

Pokemon Ruby Renev is an extraordinary Pokemon Ruby hack that contains many progressed enhancements and changes contrasted with its starting point. The story isn’t excessively long and straightforward.

  • Creator: AtecainCorp.
  • Version: v1.2
  • Hack of: Ruby


Section 1 – Hoenn
You migrated from Johto’s Olivine Town to the Hoenn area. You want to leave on another experience and rout eight new exercise center pioneers, one of whom is your dad. Yet, be careful: Team Magma means to support the force of the Legendary Pokemon Groudon to grow the Pokemon World’s landmass. Stop them and ascend through the positions to become Hoenn League Master.

Section 2 – Johto
Subsequent to turning into Hoenn’s boss. You got a ship ticket from your dad. That ticket permits you to get back to your youth, To the Johto region. You fight the Johto rec center pioneers to get one more 8 identifications, providing you with a sum of 16 identifications. Furthermore by demolishing New Team Rocket, which wishes to return in the wake of being crushed by Gold. You t ravel through Johto towns and urban communities to Mt. Silver, where amazing coach RED looks for you. Regardless, Cynthia and Gold are hanging tight for you some place in Johto… And you really want to track down them

Section 3 – Sangaroo Island
Red gives you an AZURE TICKET, which is an exceptional ticket. Use it on Olivine to get to Sangaroo Island and rout Mysterious League mentors… Maintain your strength. Mentors who have been there are how about we play players have who beat Ruby Renev in the beginning phases of advancement. The coaches who have acknowledged my solicitations have significant level groups… Also, your last fight is with me… Keep an eye out for four amazing Pokemon from the impending POKEMON DIRTY SUN Thonsu district on that island. Shin, Shade, Sublime, and Husarai!

Pokemon Ruby Renev Features

  • Uber Evolution
  • Pokemon from Generation 1-8
  • 2 Regions + 1 Island
  • Physical/Special Split
  • Pixie and Crystal Types
  • Extra 30 Moves
  • Gogoat Riding System
  • New Items
  • Expanded EXP level reach (For more troublesome in preparing)
  • Secret Legendaries. (Look for them in Johto and Hoenn)
  • DPPT style music for Hoenn and HGSS music for Johto.
  • Constantly framework.

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New Evolution Methods

  • All trade Pokemons evolve now by using LINK CABLE item.
  • Haunter evolves with Link Cable to Gengar
  • Eevee evolve using Stones (THUNDER – Jolteon, FIRE – Flareon, WATER – Vapereon, MOON – Umbreon, SUN – ESPEON, FREEZE – Glaceon, PIXIE – SYLVEON, LEAF – Leafeon.)
  • Kirlia evolved on LVL 30 to Gardeviour, or when we give SUNSTONE it evolves to GALLADE <Gender permanently changed to Male>
  • GOLBAT evolve into CROBAT on LVL 42.
  • RHYDON evolve into RHYPERIOR after use LINK CABLE
  • TANGELA evolve into TANGROWTH on LVL 37
  • MAGMAR evolve into MAGMORTAR after use FIRESTONE
  • YANNMA evolve into YANNMEGA on lvl 37
  • MURKROW evolve into HONCHKROW by after use MOONSTONE
  • MISSDREAVUS evolve into MISMAGIUS by after use MOONSTONE
  • GLIGAR evolve into GLISCOR by after use MOONSTONE
  • SNEASEL evolve into WEAVILE on LVL 36
  • PILOSWINE evolve into MAMOSWINE on LVL 42
  • FEEBAS evolve into MILOTIC on LVL 25
  • DUSCLOPS evolve into DUSKNOIR after use LINK CABLE
  • ROSELIA evolve into ROSERADE after use LEAF STONE
  • MUNCHLAX evolve into SNORELAX on LVL 28
  • Changing from Zygarde 10% to 50% and from 50% to Perfect state needs PRIMAL STONE to be used. So to from 10% Zygarde Perfect State, you need to use Two Primal Stones.
  • Marowak evolves to GUARDIA on LVL 42
  • Mimikyu evolves to Miraikyu using Dusk Stone
  • Milcery evolves to Alcremie using Whip Cream 


Pokemon Ruby Renev Download

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