Pokemon Revenge

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Quick Info

Pokemon Revenge is a GBA Rom Hack that is based on FireRed and was created by rev. It was last updated in ???.

NamePokemon Revenge
VersionPre Beta 0.01


To the main plot of this game After trying all of your stylish with the help of numerous musketeers, you have come the Pokemon Champion of the Kyerg Region and defeated the evil gang Team Dark. Those bad guys want to have the same purpose with Team Rocket, Team Magma, etc so naturally, they’re defeated. Six times latterly, while you and your gal are enjoying a peaceful life they suddenly come back. They attack and abduct your gal with your musketeers. Not only that, all of their Pokemon have been acclimated to gain a new type Dark/ Shadow. By doing that, they’re rising again and soon they will take over the world. Of course, you can not just stand there and let them do what they want. Some familiar faces with you’re back, take their help and get back what belongs to you!

Pokemon Revenge Features

  • A new story about revenging.
  • New heroes – gym leaders – bad guys – elite four – champion.
  • New sprites, tiles.
  • New Pokemon from Gen I – Gen VI.


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