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Pokemon Red Frost is a GBA Rom Hack that is based on FireRed and was created by Greenphx (Randomized by SKR). It was last updated on  August 14, 2016.

NamePokemon Red Frost
VersionBeta 1.2 (Beta 2)
CreatorVicktor Black


Wanting to keep his area from fading down, The King of the ice area looked for a way to do so as he read books from his particular library he stumbled upon that ice can save effects in its cold grasp, after his discovery of this he went through book after book to learn of how to control the power of ice so that he can lodge his area in a noway – ending downtime, He set up that to gain the power that he so asked he’d to come a lich so that he could gain his icy area and rule it ever, and within his library, he set up a book bound in black leather that explained the ritual to come a lich using the ritual in the book he came a lich and with his new form he gave himself a new name Red Frost and from also on using his power he increased his area in ice, but unsatisfied with just his area Red Frost went to cover the whole world in ice so that he could have it all.

You’re the idol/ heroine and this is the day that you start your trip as a pokemon coach, but before you get up everything is changed and a voice beckons you to go outdoors and when you do, you see before you a pokemon as she tells you of why you have been brought to this land she suddenly disappears leaving you stuck within this snow covered land and your only indication to leave this land and get home is to see the professor.

Pokemon Red Frost Features

  • New region
  • Different starters
  • Two rivals instead of one

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Vicktor Black

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