Pokemon Ragnarok Version

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NamePokemon Ragnarok Version
Based OnPokemon FireRed
VersionBeta 1
Source RomsPrid

Quick Info

Pokemon Ragnarok Version is a GBA hack ROM that is based on Pokemon FireRed and had been created by Ruki.


“At the point when the Green and Black Dragon release her genuine wrath against each living thing and vanquish the sky. .. Life and Death, Heaven and Earth, being and Nothingness, Past, and Future … the flares will turn into the lifetime in the commotion and will cover the world. Albeit numerous spirits then, at that point, meandered, searching for everlasting rest, they will be nourishment for the anger of the Dragon and devoured by the Ragnarök, to begin another period of bedlam … the universes of Anctgard and Nezgard will be squashed with each other, alongside their particular anguishes… Don’t exist, a solitary beam of light or some escape clause in the haziness… “Piece of an old Ragnarök’s Prophecy

In the Nezgard area has arisen a criminal association called The Exxa Brotherhood, which was accounted for by him attempting to scheme against the Pokemon League, making a few assaults against this. due to this, the President of the Pokemon League chooses to contact the best criminal investigator office of Nezgard, known as A.P.I.C. (Office of Pokemon Investigation and Criminology). Following a couple of long periods of beginning the examination, three APIC criminal investigators with high reach vanish suddenly.

Following a few days to explore this association and the vanishing of the analysts, The APIC criminal investigators infer that some Gym Leaders are engaged with the exercises of the Exxa Brotherhood, For this explanation, they choose to send their three best more youthful individuals as covert investigators to examine all the more intently the rec center pioneers and attempt to arrive at the genius of the assaults to the Pokemon League and beat the Exxa Brotherhood…

Pokemon Ragnarok Version Features

  • The game is based on different missions and sidequests, and the full story is formed by 14 Chapters.
  • Existence of 8 gyms and Pokemon League, but are secondary things.
  • Discover Nezgard, a fully new branded region to explore, a chilly and pintoresc region awaits you!
  • Preset names of the main characters (Sorry, this time you can’t enter a new name)
  • Good works on dialogues and storyline, no more hacks without a real storyline and bad dialogues.
  • No more generic NPC’s, the important characters have an own personality and background story.
  • A Pokedex formed by 200 species from all generations (Sorry. no Fakemons)
  • Mega Evolutions and Primal Reverses included, with unseen Mega Pokemon!!!
  • New music taken from other games and custom music

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