Pokemon Prism 

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NamePokemon Prism
VersionV0.94 Build 0237

Quick Info

Pokemon Prism is a GBA ROM Hack that is based on Crystal and was created by Koolboyman. It was last updated on July 18, 2020.


This is the narrative of Prism, the child/girl of Lance. In the wake of playing in his uncle’s mine truck in an unidentified locale, it some way or another goes wild and winds up in the district of Naljo. Naljo is a creating locale bowed on the fantasy of perfectionist industrialization. Subsequent to observing a lost Larvitar, Prism should gather the eight Naljo identifications while fixing all that is the matter with this undermined district.

Pokemon Prism Features

  • New region of Naljo (bigger than Johto)
  • Return of the region of Rijon
  • 252 Pokemon to find coming from all four generations
  • New music
  • New types: Fairy, Gas, and Sound
  • New TM/HM set
  • Gold Token system – save them up and get something good. Can you find all 80 of them?
  • Four crafting Skills
  • Side-Scrolling areas
  • New mini-games

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  • Major bugfix release, most known bugs fixed
  • Battle Tower working
  • Shiny apricorns at random in the overworld
  • Shiny Balls preserve the caught Pokemon’s ability
  • Several sprite/picture updates
  • Debug features to reset the clock at the start
  • RTC works properly
  • Moveset reviews and changes
  • The project belongs to RainbowDevs


  • Various TMs fixed
  • Various Pokémon fixed
  • Battle Tower should work now (not really)
  • Hall of fame crash fixed

Debug vs Standard

They are both the same except the debug version gives you access to the Debug Menu, through which you can do things like get Pokemon, warp anywhere, manage items, edit flags, etc. I recommend getting the Debug version as it may help in getting around bugs. You don’t have to use the other features if you don’t want to.

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