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Pokemon Prism GBC Rom

  • Creator: RainbowDevs
  • Version: v0.95.0254
  • Hack of: Crystal
  • Updated: August 24, 2023

Pokemon Prism is a Pokemon GBC Rom Hack which is developed by RainbowDevs It is based on Pokemon Crystal and was last updated on August 24, 2023. Here you can find v0.95.0254 of the Pokemon Prism GBC Rom which is absolutely free to download.

Pokémon Prism ROM is a fan-made ROM hack of Pokémon Crystal that was released in 2023. It features a new region called Naljo, a new Pokédex with over 250 Pokémon, and a new storyline. Players take on the role of the son or daughter of Lance, the Pokémon Champion, and must collect 20 badges across multiple regions while fixing all that is wrong with the corrupted world.

Pokémon Prism is a well-made and ambitious ROM hack that is sure to please fans of Pokémon Crystal and ROM hacks in general. It features a new region with a unique setting, as well as a new Pokédex with a variety of Pokémon to catch and train. The game is also more challenging than Pokémon Crystal, with new gym leaders and Elite Four members that will put your skills to the test.


  • Trainer Customization
  • Encounter new Pokémon
  • Play as your Pokémon
  • Explore new regions
  • New Trainers and Leaders
  • Unique storytelling


Version 0.95.0254 (Hotfix 5)

  • Sage in Route 54 now has the right party
  • Fixed NPC blocking a door in Saxifrage Prison
  • Updated the Clathrite Tunnel ice/boulder puzzle to prevent a softlock
  • Night Slash is now boosted by Sharpness
  • Counter now works correctly when the opponent didn’t deal damage during the previous turn and is no longer affected by type matchups other than immunity
  • Renamed some items (Item Finder, ParalyzeHeal, Upgrade, X Defense) to match modern practice
  • Tri type now has proper defensive type matchups (only observable through the use of Conversion)
  • Pokemon portraits in the overworld now show with their correct shininess for all events
  • Battle Arcade battles are now scored correctly (broken last build)
  • Fixed shiny and PC/Pokedex coloring for Blastoise and Caterpie
  • Updated level-up moves for Goldeen and Seaking
  • Minor text and map fixes

Version 0.95.0253 (Hotfix 4)

  • Apricorn trees can now actually have a shiny one
  • Apricorn trees containing the same Apricorn now spawn independently
  • Improved visual issues in the Oxalis City, Route 64 and Route 74 maps
  • Prevented the NPC in the Torenia City train station from blocking the player
  • Fixed the color of the TM17 item ball
  • Rings now sell for prices that scale up with the level required to craft them
  • Leppa Berry now works correctly in and out of battle
  • Stats screen now plays cries for all Pokemon
  • Fixed the color of Spearow’s shiny palette
  • Minor text fixes

Version 0.95.0251 (Hotfix 3)

  • Mined fossils are now discarded when the player doesn’t have a Fossil Case
  • Removed “You need a Mining Pick to mine” message until the player clears the
    tutorial battle
  • Experience for player skills (mining, crafting, etc.) now displays correctly
  • Added a new message indicating that the way back is closed off after the
    landslide in the initial sequence
  • Pachisi no longer breaks when the player moves backwards
  • Redesigned both Route 69 maps, removing stray corner tiles and preventing the
    player from reaching the edge of the map
  • Players can no longer Surf to the edge of the beach map in Laurel Forest
  • Hidden item in Route 56, blocked in build 0248, is now accessible again
  • Counter no longer deals damage when the player’s last move was using an item
  • Flare Blitz is now affected by Reckless
  • Fixed the fossil revival process so that the player doesn’t spawn inside
    furniture afterwards
  • Pokerus duration is now properly limited to four days maximum
  • Nurses in Pokemon Centers will now explain Pokerus only once
  • Items that cannot be used now show the corresponding error message only once
  • Updated the message shown to players when their savefile needs patching to
    show better help text, an updated URL, and the detected build number for
    their savefile
  • Jeweling recipe book now shows the correct requirements for the first 3 rings
  • The savefile patch now correctly restores the Route 81 item ball
  • Minor text fixes and changes

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Pokemon Prism Download

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