Pokemon Perfect Pink

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NamePokemon Perfect Pink
VersionBeta v0.
Hack Of FireRed
Creator trikop

Quick Info

Pokemon Perfect Pink is a GBA Rom Hack based on  FireRed and was created by  trikop. It was last updated on October 12, 2020.

Plot Details

The story will be about a region where Pokemon once didn’t exist, until 4 decades ago when a lot of them were imported from other regions. The protagonist of the story moved to the region 7 years ago and now lives with his grandparents. His wish was to get his own Pokemon and become like one of these famous trainers like red. One day in the summer he received something he had never seen before from his grandma.


  • There are 12 rare Pokemon that can be obtainable by performing the simple tasks for strangers.
  • 721 Pokemon to catch
  • New rivals and characters
  • No professor
  • New introscreen


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