Pokemon Paper Mario Redux

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Pokemon Paper Mario Redux is a GBA ROM Hack that is based on Ruby and was created by Kebbles. It was last updated ??

NamePokemon Paper Mario Redux
Version Alpha 1


Thus does our Bowser, he has taken this thing and became strong as he anticipated. In the meantime, Mario and Luigi are welcome to a party for Princess Peach. At that party, Bowser lifted the palace of Princess Peach very high and battled Mario. He lost the battle on the grounds that his force Bowser is a lot for him. He tumbled off from the sky to someplace in the timberland. A Goomba young lady tracked down him and carried him to a Goomba town. In his oblivious state, Mario gets a dream from the Seven Star Spirits. They let him know that he should go to the Star Summit to get the power and rout Bowser. Subsequent to awakening, Mario quickly heads towards the Star Summit.

Pokemon Paper Mario Redux Features

  • Gym Leaders, Elite Four, Pokemon, and Badges will not appear in this game.
  • Players can choose Mario or Luigi to start as.
  • There are 8 chapters in this game, a long storyline it is.
  • New characters, new side quests, new areas, new bosses, new soundtracks.
  • There are more enemies and rivals, also with partners.

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