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Pokemon Origin Platinum is a GBA Rom Hack that is based on Platinum and was created by Lazerith. It was last updated on ???

NamePokemon Origin Platinum
VersionCompleted v1.4
Hack OfPlatinum

Pokemon Origin Platinum is a Pokemon Platinum hack created by Lazerith and propelled by Drayano hacks (Blaze Black, Sacred Gold, and so forth). Beginning Platinum can get each of the 493 Pokemon without doing any sort of occasion, exchange, or going underground.


  • 493 catchable pokemon
  • Giratina comes with Griseous orb
  • Evolution items like Metal coat, evolve your Pokémon as if they were an evolution stone
  • Pokémon that evolve by trade, evolve by simple lv
  • Event items such as Secret Key, Membership Pass, Oak’s Letter, and Azure Flute are given to you in certain parts of the game.
  • The Super Rod is now given to you by Jasmine right after you win the 8th gym. There are some pokemon that can only be, or are much more common when using the super rod. Check the Pokemon Locations document for more information.
  • The game now has a second master ball. So don’t worry if you accidentally use it. However, there are still only two in the game, so still use them sparingly.
  • Many NPCs that used to say useless, meaningless, and useless text have been changed to say references to various types of media such as Anime, Games, TV Shows and Movies
  • Wurmple evolve to Silcoon/Cascoon by gender
  • Spiritomb only needs the Odd Keystone to be summoned
  • Once a player has captured 492 pokemon, he will receive the Azure Flute by one of Sandgem Town’s residents. This item is needed to capture Arceus. Capturing Arceus is pretty much the aim of the game.
  • Players who wish to make competitive teams using any pokemon, spiritomb, or fossil Pokemon that evolve through evolutionary items will now find that all fossil, odd keystone, and all evolution items are now sold in the Veilstone Department Store.


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