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Pokemon Order and Chaos is a GBA ROM Hack that is based on FireRed and was created by  EasyBakeStudios. It was last updated on August 30, 2018.


War, starvation, and infection tormented the early pilgrims of the Mando regions as the God Dragon Chaosotra tortured the land. In the end, the more prominent Dragon of the People, Orderana, crushed the disarray devil and human advancement developed.

Year 0 – A prediction is made expressing that assuming the locale tumbles to bedlam again, a picked 15-year-old with his region’s last name will run and liberate the land from evil.

Year 500 – Mando split into the two regions from sectional contrasts and the passing of the ruler. The two regions became known as Mandata and Endo. Bigotry had arisen as a difficult issue for ages. Typically, the most grounded and most notable man is delegated when a bloodline vanishes, however no side needed to give the opposite side power, there was no pioneer. War broke out and individuals dreaded the incredible God Dragon of Chaos might have gotten back to rebuff them.

Year 515 – Afraid, they go to the prescience and realize that there is a youngster with the regarded last name in the two territories. The main issue is, that in the two districts there are not one however two offspring of similar age and blood, twins. Just having the option to choose one legend to be delegated boss of the whole Mando locale the twins should go head to head against each other. The better will be honored and begin his excursion to demonstrate he is the most grounded by gathering identifications and testing the Frontier League. When he is champion he will oppress the other region and be venerated as a God.

You are one of the twins the prescience discussed and tomorrow you will confront your sibling in a pokemon duel to conclude who will address the Endo region.


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