Pokemon Omega Paradox V2

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NamePokemon Omega Paradox V2
Based OnPokemon White
VersionCompleted v2

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Pokemon Omega Paradox V2 is a GBA hack ROM that is based on Pokemon White and had been created by Aster. It was last updated on August 27, 2017.


Pokemon Omega Paradox V2: It’s been one month since the Masked Man assault many have been killed some have been seriously harmed. Many individuals are escaping Unova while some have come to save it…

After the assault, numerous tip-top tribes have shaped in Unova made out of solid group Rocket and Plasma snorts and Team Aqua has improved in Unova to free Pokemon and has aligned with the Masked Man.

You have endured the Masked man’s assault and your companions Cynthia and Drake have gotten back to Unova to see you pick your first Pokemon. You as an example of the rare type of person who can Omega-Evolve Pokemon have been allowed the opportunity to get a starter Pokemon and stop the Masked Man.

The Masked Man leaves a scar on his casualties as a whole, seen by the passed out countenances of the relative multitude of casualties, you are bound to stop him.

All that strange you see almost immediately, as Drayden as the teacher, is clarified later on in the game just as the genuine character of the Masked Man.

Pokemon Omega Paradox V2 Features

Omega-Evolution: Some Pokemon in Unova can Omega-Evolve the same as Mega-Evolution however this can not be returned and is utilized to develop a base Pokemon

Uber Evolution (outside of fight): Only two Pokemon can Mega-Evolve (Camerupt and Slowbro)

New Gym Leaders: Many rec center pioneers are dead some have been supplanted or downgraded

New Elite Four and Champion

New Trainer Classes

New Rivals

New Pokemon: more than 40 new Pokemon shifting from Fakemon, Omega Pokemon, Mega Pokemon, Alola Pokemon, not many Gen 6-7 Pokemon, and Yugioh-mons( I substituted old Pokemon sprites for new Pokemon sprites)

Expanded level bend contrasted with the first Pokemon White: Your starter decides how troublesome your excursion will be (The Masked Man in his first fight puts geodude in a tough spot in that situation geodude is hard mode)the trouble isn’t really changed, your starter decides whether your fights will be simple or hard.

Geodude – Easy Mode (First rec center pioneer has Audino making you level up quick) (Changed sprite+Fire Type)

Eevee – Hard Mode

Zorua – Medium Mode

New Music: Music from Pokemon Hoenn White made by King Drapion made by PkmnSoundFontRemix

New Starters

New Move-Sets and Stats for specific Pokemon

Numerous different highlights on account of Drayano

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Pokemon Omega Paradox V2 Download


Aster, Drayano, King Drapion

SOURCE: PokeCommunity

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