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NamePokemon Normal Version
VersionBuild 3.0 RC 2.73 Live Update

Quick Info

Pokemon Normal Version is a GBA ROM Hack that is based on FireRed and was created by FrozenInfernoZX. It was last updated on July 26, 2016.


The respectable and seriously well-known Professor Oak has made a public declaration on TV expressing that he will visit the Taejo district. Fervor down-poured upon the nearby Taejo inhabitants, yet, as a matter of fact, Javyer Quau. Teacher Oak has expressed that he will be moving to Brighton Town, a town situated on the western boundary of the Taejo and neighbor of the lacking Seijo locale. Javyer’s child Zaquar Quau who is 19 at the time is additionally eager to hear this great news. The Quau family quietly anticipates Oak’s appearance…


Pokémon Normal Version depends on the hypothesis of mainland float which will associate to the amazing Pokémon Regigigas. Consequently the title, “Ordinary Version.” In request to add a little wind to the catching of Regigigas, the unbelievable will be in the very famous fan-made “Sky Forme.” (I will attempt to sprite a sky-structure Regigigas in view of a couple of marvelous fan-made pictures I’ve seen on the web).

Likewise, the starter of the game will be Eevee with Professor Oak doing investigate on what makes Normal Pokémon so different. (Implying that they can learn natural assaults like ice pillar, volt bolt, flamethrower across the board moveset).

An Eevee is given to enjoy his examination. Some Pokemon from each locale will be remembered for the game in a uniquely crafted Region Dex, with an “Expanded” Dex later on in the story. The game will happen in the Taejo and Seijo locale (with notable references to a noteworthy district called Uiyto). Area names depended on the similitudes among Kanto’s and Johto’s names (One letter before the K, J. T, and S, and comparative endings) since these were my #1 locales.

Likewise, players will get to fight my partners “Frozen” (client of Ice and Steel) and “Fiery blaze” (client of Fire and Rock) as they will be profoundly engaged with the story. Frozen needs to clear out all life structures in the world with the “Ice Age” and Inferno needs to fabricate a body of land to make his “New World.” My third partner is indicated, however I’ll leave it confidential.

Pokemon Normal Version Features

  • Sky Forme Regigigas
  • Two full regions with plenty of post-league activity and side quests! Two Pokemon Leagues!
  • Music from Super Mario/Sonic/Pokemon Emerald
  • Morning/Daytime/Evening/Late-Evening/Nighttime Pokemon Wild Encounters
  • 4th Generation Physical/Special class split
  • D/P/Pt/HG/SS/BW/BW2/X/Y Pokemon sprites
  • Deletable HMs and maybe reusable TMs
  • Fairy-Type
  • Uncover the aftermath of the Uiyto region
  • Youngster Joey’s revenge!
  • New Criminal Organization with some added twists: Team Chasm/Criminal Egos/Super Rockets
  • BW2 repel system


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