Pokemon New Gold Era

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NamePokemon New Gold Era
Version18th May, 2021 Release

Quick Info

Pokemon Ash Hoenn Version is a GBA ROM Hack that is based on FireRed and was created by  ericgall23. It was last updated on May 18, 2021.


The story dates around 100 years after the fact after the first experience of GSC. No doubt about it “substitute” and advanced Johto-Kanto locale where urbanism has extended definitely, and where nature is experienced in many spots!

Pokemon New Gold Era Features

  • Johto and Kanto have changed drastically! Discover these futuristic regions!
  • Your rival has a mysterious motivation… Discover it during your travel!
  • Houndour, Natu, and Mankey as the starters
  • The Gyms are in a different order
  • Some new towers have been built, like the Flash Tower, the Tech Tower or the Tower of Defense
  • Many new wild areas to explore in Johto and Kanto
  • Some Gym leaders of Kanto have a second occupation: Brock owns the Pewter Museum, Misty has a harbor, Surge has a restaurant and Blaine…
  • Since it’s 100 years later, technology has evolved so much! Teleports and Hi-Tech buildings are omnipresent almost everywhere!


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