Pokemon Naranja

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NamePokemon Naranja
Based OnRuby
CreatorSergio and GraN

Quick Info

Pokemon Naranja is a GBA Rom Hack that is based on Ruby and was created by Sergio and GraN. It was last updated in 2018.

Pokemon Naranja is one of the coolest Pokemon games, investigating the Orange Islands. Go on an undertaking and meet Brock, Misty, Tracey, Ash, Prof Oak, and numerous others very much like the anime series.

A few mentors utilize Shiny Pokemon to fight and you can get some as well. After Beta 5, the modifier of this game made this currently full form with numerous legendaries like Mewtwo, Mew, Lugia, Celebi, and so on added.

This ROM is finished. Pretty much 70% English and 30% Spanish.

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