Pokemon Nameless

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NamePokemon Nameless
VersionBeta 3.57 (Complete)

Quick Info

Pokemon Nameless is a GBA Rom Hack that is based on FireRed and was created by Wind1158. It was last updated on July 8, 2021.

Pokemon Nameless is the prequel to Pokemon Mega Power and the sequel to Pokemon Resolute. In this game, you play as Chronya, the young hero of the Cyenn Region.


12 years prior, Altena, the general of the Valo Empire had to leave her country with her girl Chronya. The main thing Chronya knew was that she had a dad who lived in Cyenn Region. At some point, she and her mom chose to request her dad’s assistance. Nonetheless, coming, they were assaulted by Dark Workers who were utilized by the Valo Emperor. The head needed to dispose of Altena until the end of time. Altena had fallen into the Dark Workers’ snare. Chronya having no way out hopped into the sea. Fortunately, she was saved by a youthful specialist by the name of Gavin. To assist with safeguarding Chronya, Gavin gave Chronya his Pokemon. This is the start of Chronya’s excursion…

Pokemon Nameless Features

  • New regions — Cyenn Region, Western Tyron Region, Sevii Islands and Lande Region
  • Pokemon from Gen 4 to 8
  • In-battle mega evolution
  • Black/White Repel system
  • Battle Arenas take the place of Gyms
  • The tournament takes the place of the Cyenn League
  • Skills take the place of HMs
  • Somewhat open world
  • The ability to decide when to begin the main storyline

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