Pokemon Naki Version

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Naki Version GBA Rom

NamePokemon Naki Version
Based OnFireRed
VersionBeta 1
Creator Breno Menezes

Quick Info

Pokemon Naki Version is a GBA Rom Hack that is based on FireRed and was created by Breno Menezes71. It was last updated on March 20, 2021.

Pokemon Naki transports you to one of the most iconic regions of the Pokémon universe. A region divided and linked by four great biomes, each with its own unique characteristics and secrets. Join our hero on his first adventure as he uncovers these secrets and fights for justice.

Pokemon Naki Version Features

  • New Region (NAKI Region)
  • New Story
  • Four large biomes that are part of the region.
  • New Characters
  • Pokémon from Gen 1-8 (Not all)
  • Mega Evolution (In battle)
  • New Graphics
  • Special Physical Division
  • Fairy type
  • Some new attacks
  • BW menus

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