Pokemon Mythic Legends

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NamePokemon Mythic Legends
VersionBeta 3.1 (hacksrepairman’s fix)

Quick Info

Pokemon Mythic Legends is a GBA ROM Hack that is based on FireRed and was created by psychicboy. It was last updated on May 27, 2020.



What characterizes them… ?

Power. Request. Tumult. Time. Space. Void.

These are components that legendaries unreservedly control when they gain their maximum capacity. Be that as it may, when do they acquire their full powers? Yet, how does a youthful incredible figure out how to control these powers?

Watchmen assist with this… What are Guardians? Gatekeepers are individuals with the astounding powers to control and educate incredible pokemon and their legendary powers. Certain individuals are conceived gatekeepers, and never acknowledge it, their powers lying lethargic inside. So when three legends are reawakened, who will raise them? Watchmen obviously.

Unexpectedly you conscious. subsequent to having a fantasy that sounds neglected, really. A fantasy, a reality, or maybe a feeling, all prospects twirl around in your mind.

You feel malicious powers prowling. Try not to allow a Mythic Legend to pass on…

Pokemon Mythic Legends Features

  • A completely new region
  • Strategically placed Pokemon
  • Catchable starters
  • New challenges
  • Difficult Gyms layouts
  • Custom sprites
  • New scripts
  • Most Legendaries will have their own events


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