Pokemon Master Quest

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NamePokemon MasterQuest
Version Beta 2
CreatorTeam Masterquest

Quick Info

Pokemon MasterQuest is a GBA ROM Hack that is based on FireRed and was created by Team Masterquest. It was last updated on December 2, 2020.


Welcome to the universe of Kanto. A district brimming with energy, and experience. Go all through the land, while getting baffling animals called Pokemon. To become effective, you should fight numerous mentors who raise these fabulous monsters.

A couple of programmers who have worked together over the course of the years to present to you this new experience. The Kanto Region isn’t obscure to most of us. In any case, the game Master Quest presents to you a new perspective of the 20-year-old fan number one. From the screen captures displayed underneath, you can see Master Quest is loaded up with new scripts, collaborations, discourse, and mentors who will battle you en route. As you, the player, participate in this experience, you could see as the vast majority of these occasions depend on the show/anime. What’s more, on the off chance that you made this supposition, you would be right! The motivation behind this game came from the anime, however notwithstanding this-there are some story plot focuses added for extra energy. Ace Quest likewise includes a choice-based component where your activities and decisions will straightforwardly affect the story that unfurls.

Play close by Eve Green, Bonnie Amarillo, Alan Rouge, and others as you clear your path through the Kanto Region. Fight old adversaries, and new legends the same, as you complete your lord journey!

Pokemon MasterQuest Features

  • Expanded story
  • A unique starter
  • New rivals
  • Good/Evil choice decision-making system
  • Potential additional regions

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