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Quick Info

Pokemon Maize is a GBA ROM Hack that is based on FireRed and was created by Vaporeon22. It was last updated on  July 19, 2017.

NamePokemon Maize
VersionCompleted v2.0.2


An association known as Team Quarry is uncovering tremendous measures of materials starting from the earliest stage quest for building a powerful city to be the focal point of their realm (or something to that effect). While employing your handy dandy brush, you set out on an undertaking to turn into a Pokémon ace. Investigate the locale of Boldor while you endeavor to foil Team Quarry and endure your absurd youth colleague.

Pokemon Maize Features

  • New Region of Boldor
  • 181 Pokémon
  • Battle Factory
  • Steel, Dark, and Fairy Types
  • Physical/Special Attack Split
  • New Music
  • 26 Future-Gen Attacks
  • Day & Night System
  • Nuzlocke Mode
  • HM06 – Dive
  • Roaming Pokémon


Pokemon Maize Download

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