Pokemon Liquid Ocean

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NamePokemon Liquid Ocean
Version Alpha 1.2

Quick Info

Pokemon Liquid Ocean is a GBA ROM Hack that is based on FireRed and was created by Christos. It was last updated on  ???.


The fundamental person in this Hack is Colin. You will be Colin. Your dearest companion is Nate. Today is an exceptional day since you and Nate will get a Pokemon from your Dad, Ethan. He additionally shows you the exceptional creation that is made by him and his companion Mael. He will utilize this innovation to help others. Then, Kyle, who is Nate’s sibling, leaves as well. Quite a while passes yet there is no report about them. You and Nate choose to have an experience and find your inquiries.

Pokemon Liquid Ocean Features

  • A new region, a new world is Soala
  • New Gameplay
  • Nice custom tiles
  • Good Events and missions

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