Pokemon Life Version

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NamePokemon Life Version
VersionAlpha 1.9
CreatorDionen, Tcoppy, Danny0317

Quick Info

Pokemon Life Version is a GBA ROM Hack that is based on FireRed and was created by Dionen, Tcoppy, and Danny0317. It was last updated on August 2, 2016.


Yours is definitely not a normal, straightforward story; yours is a story spreading over many components of the real world, investigating the general concept of life itself.
By and large, you believe your ideas of reality to be exact…
They’re not. The truth is unsteady.
All you truly know is that time is running and the Earth is turning.
You are one of every seven billion like you, yet you are as yet unique.
On your island, Nendios, you dream the very dream that all youthful mentors such as yourself do — to win over the Elite Four, vanquishing freedom…
However, there’s something else to the excursion ahead besides you might at any point be aware.
Once more, there are seven billion like you — tragically, notwithstanding, just a small bunch are as unadulterated.
Many will attempt to control you and anybody correspondingly unadulterated; to utilize you to their own closures or even to just block your advancement out of jealousy.
You should notice this. Life, the world, and individuals inside — they are capricious, notwithstanding what some might think.
Absolutely, step forward — simply be careful.

Pokemon Life Version Features

  • A whole new region
  • Upgraded graphics
  • Animated pokemon sprites
  • Day and Night based events
  • Blue Crystals: They are your save points. You can’t save anywhere you want any more
  • Once you faint, you end (I hope you saved)
  • New Pokedex
  • Updated moves/abilities/P&S Split
  • B&W Music
  • Shiny rate increased


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