Pokemon League of Legends

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NamePokemon League of Legends
CreatorC me

Quick Info

Pokemon League of Legends is a GBA ROM Hack that is based on  Emerald and was created by C me. It was last updated on  September 12, 2017.


Go through Valoran as a youthful Summoner where you will find the rich history of the district and connect with a different scope of characters. Make your group of Champions to overcome the Gym Leaders of the area and assist with warding off the fiendish Noxians en route. Then, at that point, challenge the tip-top Summoners at the World Championships and gain the lofty title of the Champion. In any case, much to your dismay, a more vile evil is working to attempt to manage over Valoran…

Pokemon League of Legends Features

  • Immersive storyline
  • All Champions up to Camille are obtainable.
  • Animated Champion sprites
  • All Champion Pokedex entries/cries/stats
  • Over 500 unique moves
  • 75 new abilities (passives)
  • All areas of Valoran can be accessed
  • Post-Game: Battle in the Fleshing Arena and similar places
  • Physical/Special split
  • Fairy type
  • Black2/White2 Repel system
  • No more need for HM’s
  • New music
  • Decapitalisation
  • Cool new tiles
  • New Battle Backgrounds
  • New Trainer classes
  • Meet and battle with famous LoL players and teams


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