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Pokemon Kyanite is a GBA Rom Hack that is based on FireRed and was created by Fujifilm. It was last updated on ????.

NamePokemon Kyanite
VersionBeta 1.2


Pokemon Kyanite is a Pokemon GBA Rom Hack by Fujifilm in light of Pokemon Fire Red Codebase/Engine in English. Also, it is presently accessible to download.

Through ages, the Kyanite family became one of the most regarded families in the Shiku district since they are the Pokemon Gym Leaders. Also, presently you are Kyanite. Your dad is areas of strength for a Leader. What’s more, presently he is excessively old to proceed with this mission. At some point, his associate Alexander takes you to your dad’s rec center and lets you know the various parts of turning into a rec center pioneer. Here, you additionally get your absolute first Pokemon.

To acquire your dad’s main goal, you need to confront various difficulties and fight major areas of strength for against who need to get the identification of your exercise center. In addition, different characters have their own accounts that related straightforwardly to your exercise center and you need to investigate all that to ensure that. You will assist with peopling all around the Shiku area, get the different Pokemon, fight, go fishing, do anything you need in this experience. Sounds great.

Pokemon Kyanite Features

  • Become a true gym leader for the first time. Battle any challenger.
  • You can form your own stories, not any story have been set before. There are mini plots and mysteries also.
  • By helping people you meet on the way, you can have the gratitude tokens. You will use these tokens on special goodies, services.
  • You can catch all 386 Pokemon and some of them can only be caught in special ways.


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